Assurance: Made Whole by the Love Of God

Nov 20, 2022    Chan Kilgore

New River Fellowship performs the following songs under a CCLI church streaming license. 

"Open Up the Heavens" by Vertical Worship

CCLI #6304702 | Meredith Andrews, Stuart Garrard, James McDonald, and Andi Rozier

"From Everlasting (Psalm 90)" by Sovereign Grace 

CCLI #7190362 | Lacy Hudson and Lisa Clow

"How Good is He" by Vertical Worship

CCLI #7184971 | Andi Rozier, Chris Davenport, and Jon Egan

"Firm Foundation (He Won't)" by Cody Carnes

CCLI #7188203 | Austin Davis, Chandler Moore, and Cody Carnes