About Us

Our Vision
To see our city redeemed by the power of the gospel for the glory of God and the good of our city.

Our Values 
We desire to be a people who by God’s grace embodied the values of God’s kingdom as given to us by Jesus in the beatitudes

(Matthew 5:1-12)
We see ourselves as spiritually poor and in need of Jesus.
We desire to mourn our own sin and the sin our city.
We desire to be comforted and comfort others with God’s grace.
We desire to be meek.
We desire righteousness that comes from Christ, not our own.
We desire to be a people of mercy.
We desire to be a people of purity.
We desire to be a people of peace.
We desire to be a people of mercy, purity and peace regardless of the cost.

Ministry Partners
Spanish River Church, Acts29, Church of Eleven22, West End Community Church, Covenant Presbyterian, Good News Presbyterian, Cor 3:9
Our Mission
To be a people who are so captivated by who Christ is and what he accomplished for us on the cross that we would reorient our lives toward Him and His mission.

The word “captivate” means to “enthrall, overpower and hold by excellence and beauty.”

Our hearts are always captivated by someone or something (Romans 6:16). Our desire is that we would become more enthralled and overpowered by excellency and beauty of Christ.

Meet the team.

Chan Kilgore

Senior Pastor
Chan Kilgore is the Lead Pastor of New River Fellowship. He is passionate about showing how the gospel can inform and transform our everyday lives. He holds degrees from University of Central Florida and Reformed Theological Seminary.

Chan has been married to his wife Stacy for more than 30 years and have been blessed with three beautiful daughters and a grandson. He enjoys woodworking, home remodeling, reading and going to beach with his wife.

Krislyn Placide

Worship Director
Krislyn has led worship at New River Fellowship for three years. She is a first generation American with Haitian roots. Krislyn loves people, nature, food and the arts. As such, she can often be found reading, painting, and writing music in her spare time. She recently published a podcast, "Suffering & Glory."

Krislyn is engaged to marry her fiancé, Scott. Together they enjoy visiting the beach, trying new foods, and deep conversations about theology and culture.

Daniel Brown

Associate Pastor
Daniel Brown is our Associate Pastor. He has a passion to come along side those struggling with addictions to show them how Jesus loves and saves them as he has experienced God's grace in his own recovery.

Daniel is blessed by his beautiful wife Ashley and lovely daughter Olivia.

He enjoys spending time with his family, being in nature, going camping, grilling and cooking, reading thought provoking books and being in the ocean.

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