Will God Forgive Me?

Many of us are weighed down by guilt, shame, and self-loathing.
We've failed to do things in life that we set out to do. We've done things we know we never should have done.

These things reflect poorly on our character, so we try to hide them or rationalize them.

Maybe we say something like:

-If God doesn't want me to do this, why did He make me this way?
-It's too late for me to make things right, I just have to live with my decision
-I'll never be able to overcome this, it's just too difficult to stop.
-I'm a giving, kind person. I just have this one small flaw, but the bad outweighs the good.
-God will give me grace and forgiveness, because that's His job.

Maybe this mindset will make us feel better for a moment, but not permanently. Our conscience remains guilty. We still walk in shame. And at the end of the day, we don't like who we are.

Jesus offers us a better path: repentance.

What is repentance? Repentance is when we turn from sin and toward God. Not only do we recognize that we've been disobedient, but we ask Him to help us change so that we can be more like Him, bearing the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

God promises to forgive us when we repent, and He will not go back on His Word. No matter what you've done or who you are, 1 John 1:9 is for you: "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness."

Do you want to forgiven of sins and have a clear conscience before God? Do you want to be purified from all unrighteousness?

If so, embrace a lifestyle of repentance and belief in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross that paid for your sin, the way of reconciliation between you and the Father. Through the power of the Holy Spirit living in you, you will experience freedom from shame, guilt, and self-loathing and receive the approval and love of Almighty God.

Please join us for worship this Sunday to celebrate what our God has done and is continuing to do in His Kingdom. We meet at Artserve, 1350 E. Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, 33304. Doors open at 10:15 a.m., and service begins at 10:30 a.m.
We hope to see you soon!

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